Description: A permanent twin tip marker. One end is a fine tip, the other is a chisel tip.

Colours in range: 92

Speedball Dip Pens

Description: We have the handles and the speedball nibs, sold individually.


Description: We have a range of technical drawing pens and pencils and artist quality ink and drawing pens from brands that include Faber Castell and Staedtler.

Winsor & Newton Brush Marker

Description: The Brush Marker provides the ultimate in precise and flexible line control, adding versatility to your drawing and illustration practice. The 72-colour rich range is highly blend-able and offers print quality, streak-free coverage.

Colours in range: 72

Winsor & Newton Watercolour Marker

Description: Watercolour markers are an outstanding range of highly pigmented water-based markers which deliver Winsor & Newton's superb colour performance with added precision. Expertly crafted with a twin tip, the new markers enable artists to achieve unrivalled definition and control with watercolours.

Faber-Castell Watercolour Markers

Description: A high-quality drawing instrument that supports both spontaneous sketching and artistic watercolour painting. The water-based ink is always ready for use and can also be completely washed out with water. The versatility of this marker is especially convincing when traveling.

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