Fillers & Primers 3 items listed
  • Whiting
  • Calcite

Sizes: 500gm

Art Spectrum Gesso and Primer
  • Artist quality gesso
  • Oil prime
  • Rabbit skin glue

QOR Watercolour Grounds
Cold press ground Dries to a unique rough surface and looks like handmade paper with all its beautiful imperfections. Light Dimensional Ground A white, lightweight paste that spreads like frosting, Light Dimensional Ground can be applied smooth and thinly, or built up to create ridges, peaks and other interesting textures and Watercolour Ground Creates an absorbent surface that allows for soft edges and flowing wet-in-wet techniques. May be brush applied for a linen-like texture, rolled on for a dappled effect, or scraped on smoothly with a palette knife. May also be lightly wet sanded for a smoothness similar to a hot pressed surface.
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