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Matisse Acrylic Varnish
  • Matt varnish (polymer)
  • Gloss varnish (polymer)
  • Satin varnish
  • High gloss varnish (turps based)
  • Matt Varnish (turps based)
  • Poly V gloss Varnish

Sizes: 250ml

Winsor and Newton Oil Varnish
  • Japan gold size
  • Artist gloss
  • Artist matt
  • Damar varnish
  • Artist retouch varnish

Art Spectrum Oil Varnish
  • Dammar Varnish
  • Paraloid varnish
  • Retouch Varnish
  • Matt wax varnish
  • Shellac flakes
  • Dammar crystals

Winsor and Newton Solvents
  • English distilled turps
  • White spirits
  • Picture cleaner
  • Sansodor odourless turps

    Art Spectrum Solvents
    • Pure gum turpentine
    • Ordourless solvent
    • Citurs turpentine

    Nuart Picture Varnish
    This fine colourless varnish is carefully formulated to protect your valued works of art. Suitable for use on Oil and Acrylic Paintings. As a final varnish, two coats should be applied allowing the first to dry before re-spraying. May be removed with Distilled Turpentine if desired.
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